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TWU Negotiations Update – 02-15-2019

Your Negotiating Team (NT) has just completed a four-day bargaining session with Jetblue Management in New York. Your NT and Management were able to reach one Tentative Agreement on Language of Destination (except for the compensation portion, which will be negotiated during economic discussions). Your NT and Management also exchanged proposals on the following articles: […]

The TWU Addresses Arbitrary Policy Changes

On Friday, JetBlue leadership put out a memo stating that they were drastically changing their policy regarding passenger complaints: those complaints submitted to an Inflight Crewmember’s personal file would remain for twenty-four (24) months instead of twelve (12) months. The Transport Workers Union (TWU) International and your Negotiating Team, who had not been given any […]

JetBlue IFC Negotiations Take Off

From twu.org JetBlue InFlight Crewmembers (IFC) have been negotiating their first-ever Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) since August – and the negotiating team said things at the bargaining table have been mostly blue skies. The TWU International Communications Department caught up with members of the JetBlue IFC negotiation team during a session in late January in […]


TWU / JetBlue Negotiations Update – 01-26-2019

This week, your TWU IFC Negotiating Team (NT) completed a negotiating session with JetBlue Management in Washington, DC. During the three-day session, your NT exchanged proposals with Management on Occupational Seniority, Expenses, Attendance, and Union Security. Although we did not reach any Tentative Agreements at this session, we held productive discussions, and we reached consensus […]


TWU / JetBlue Negotiations Update – 9-21-2018

This week, your TWU Negotiating Team (NT) met with JetBlue Management in Washington, DC for our second Negotiating Session. JetBlue IFC Negotiators Stacy Bassford, Ernesto Gomez, Dee Lozito, Brendan Moriarty, and Sonya Payne attended on behalf of your Union along with TWU Administrative Vice President and Air Director, Mike Mayes; International Vice President, Thom McDaniel; […]

Thank you from TWU!

We just wanted to reach out to you to extend our sincerest thanks for your commitment to organizing the JetBlue Inflight Crewmembers. This could not have happened without a sustained effort on your part, and your determination was what drove this campaign to its incredibly successful conclusion. JetBlue management worked hard to minimize your accomplishments […]