As our TWU/JetBlue IFC Negotiating Team (NT) continues to fight for us at the negotiating table, we’d like to introduce an IFC-led advocacy program that was formed based on feedback given to TWU. We recognize the need for education—not only as it pertains to our Tentative Agreement (TA) but to our Union as a whole. We need to understand how our Union works and empowers us, so we’d like to introduce you to the B6 TWU Ambassador Program (TAP) Steering Committee: Lyndi Howard (Chair), Jill Harris, Tyesha Best, and Elizabeth Smith.

The objective of TAP is to create a readily deployable group capable of mass outreach and efficient dissemination of factual information before, during, and after the TA. In addition, this group perform functions such as assisting the NT with TA education and increasing overall Union participation through a comprehensive education campaign.

We have assembled a group of IFC TAP Leaders and Members from all bases who are ready to educate our IFCs about our Union and our future TA. Our goal with this approach is to bridge communication gaps and create a personable and readily available resource network within our IFC ranks. All of us in TAP are committed to presenting unbiased facts of both our Union and TA. We are available to answer any questions that you may have. Feel free to ask us anything. You’ll be able to recognize TAP Members because they’ll have a white bag tag with this logo:

One of the first education pieces we have produced to help our fellow IFCs is this quick “How to EWR” slideshow detailing how to get to EWR via public transportation. We feel that Reserve IFCs will be the most negatively impacted by the Company’s arbitrary decision to co-base EWR, and anything we can do to assist is front and center on our minds. We hope that as RSVs are called to operate out of EWR, they share their commuting stories at the TWU/JetBlue IFC website. We hope this helps you navigate to EWR as efficiently and as affordably as possible, and we welcome your feedback.

We are looking for volunteers to fill the TAP Member ranks. With TAP, we are training IFCs and creating a framework of accountability and deliverables, starting with our Steering Committee onward. If you’d like to get more involved with your Union, please join the TAP. Previous Union experience is not required but a desire to learn is. Please note that there are limited positions available per base.

Thank you so much for trusting us during this journey to TA ratification and realizing the creation of our Local.