As the only Union committee with a legal MOU between your Union and the company, we feel an even greater sense of responsibility to advocate for each and every one of you. Our committee is working each day on ways to improve communication, feedback, and sourcing of safe and comfortable layover hotels.

We recently held our bi-annual meeting with the ALPA Hotel Committee; our business partner, API; and JetBlue Leadership. There were many topics discussed including the recent IROP, London, and improvement in sourcing and communication. During the meeting with JetBlue management, our committee once again asked for at-will access to the MyCrewHotel database and was once again denied. Stay tuned for a video from our Committee Chair covering those topics and more. Read more

Over the past week, we have all heard the horror stories from last weekend regarding the lack of hotel accommodations and transportation. Being that we are first and foremost IFCs, we were appalled at what we saw transpiring during this predicted weather event. We’ve heard of the unsafe limo transportation issues, hotels not being provided, IFCs sleeping on planes and in the airport, and the substandard hotel accommodations that were finally provided—sometimes at the IFC’s own expense.

We fully understand that sometimes weather conditions can delay flights and even wreak havoc on our schedules. However, it is JetBlue’s responsibility to provide us with safe and adequate transportation and accommodations when we reach our destination. While weather can’t be prevented, it can be prepared for. JetBlue is a 24-hour, 365-day a year operation and when severe situations happen, there must be adequate support for our IFCs. Unfortunately, without proactive actions by the Company, as we have seen in the past, IFCs continue to bear the burden of the Company’s lack of preparation. Read more