TWU / JetBlue IFC Committees

Health & Safety Committee

Shane Rogers Mauro—FLL

Health & Safety Committee Chair

Nick Campanile—BOS

Health & Safety Committee Co-Chair

Elizabeth Buchner—BOS

Health & Safety Committee Member

Anthony Falcone—JFK

Health & Safety Committee Member

Elizabeth Ortiz—FLL

Health & Safety Committee Member

Pierre Legarreta—FLL

Health & Safety Committee Member

Abigail Reyes—MCO

Health & Safety Committee Member

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    Health & Safety Committee Updates

    Physical Assaults and Mistreatment of Flight Attendants and Customer Service Agents Must Stop

    As of October 26, the FAA reports 4,941 instances of unruly passengers with 923 investigations initiated and 216 enforcement cases pending.

    Every day, flight attendants and customer service agents across the industry are victims of intimidation, verbal harassment, or physical assault at the hands airline passengers. Over the first half of 2021, passenger misconduct reports to the FAA skyrocketed 2,000 percent to over 3,000 incidents. Read more

    The TWU Responds to the IFC Assault on Flight #261

    On September 22, IFCs on JetBlue Flight 261 from BOS to SJU had to forcibly restrain a passenger who attempted to storm the flight deck. Although the exact details have not been divulged to the Union, we have reports that an IFC was choked with his own tie and kicked in the chest as he held the passenger back when the pilot exited the cockpit. When the passenger broke loose from flex cuffs, it took six to seven flight crew members to physically restrain him using seat belt extensions and an IFCs tie. The passenger was arrested in San Juan and is now facing federal charges. Read more

    Labor Unions & Airlines Urge U.S. Attorney General to Take Action to Protect IFCs

    Recently, the TWU has seen a dramatic increase in disruptive, and sometimes violent, behavior in the flying public. As flying levels return to normal, these incidents are impacting the daily lives of our members. In order to address these incidents, a coalition of labor unions (including the TWU) and the airlines industry trade organization, Airlines for America, have joined together to call on the United States Attorney General, Merrick Garland, to address this growing problem. On June 21, this coalition sent a letter to the Attorney General that states: Read more