TWU / JetBlue IFC Committees Contact Information

Committees Meet in NYC

IFCs serving on various committees met with TWU International staff on May 15 in New York City to discuss their activities and their plans moving forward.

Nearly 20 IFCs and International staff took part in the meeting, which was chaired by IFC Coordinator Carmen Gonzalez-Gannon, at the Brooklyn headquarters of Transport Workers Union Local 100.

IFCs who have questions or concerns, or want to become more active in the developing TWU local, can now contact individual committees by email.

Below is a list of email addresses for the committees, the elected members of the Negotiating Team and for general inquiries and comments. As always, you can send all general inquiries or questions to or complete the contact form on the website.


NOTICE: The Committees Listed below were in place prior to this newletter’s release. For all current committees and updated membership, please refer to the Committees page on the website.

* signifies committee chair or co-chair

Rob Hill – JFK *
Vance Green – JFK
Philippe Gagnon – FLL

Education & Training Committee
Kelly Floyd –  JFK *
Cynthia Hawkins – MCO *
Steven Miller – BOS *
Shadia Cano – MCO
Leah Weintraub – JFK

New Crewmember Orientation & Training

Subcommittee of Education & Training Committee

Jacob Stacy – BOS *
Amrafel Rodriguez – FLL
Kalia Martinez – JFK

Grievance Committee

Tracy Erazo – JFK *
Pablo Montero – JFK *
Donna Andrus – BOS
Amber Pisco – LGB
Michael Annochiarico – LGB
Daniel Raske – FLL
José Colon – FLL
Sime Radovic – JFK
Shelley Sexton – BOS
Steven Miller – BOS
Christina Contumelio – FLL
Elizabeth Ortiz – FLL

Health & Safety Committee

Elizabeth Smith – BOS *
Shane Rogers Mauro – FLL *
Elizabeth Ortiz – FLL
Nick Campanile – BOS

Hotel Committee

Pablo Montero – JFK
Jose Colon – FLL
Jill Harris – BOS
Michael Annichiarico – LGB
Amrafel Rodriguez – MCO

Legislative Committee

Erron Ford – BOS *
Shane Rogers Mauro – FLL
Shadia Cano – MCO

Professional Standards

Jorge Mayo – JFK*
Arnel Gamana – JFK
Jill Harris – BOS
Justin Thomas – MCO
Elizabeth Ortiz – FLL

Your TWU/JetBlue IFC Negotiating Team

Sonya Payne

Sonya Payne

BOS Negotiating Team Representative
Dee Lozito-Klimar

Dee Lozito-Klimar

FLL Negotiating Team Representative
Stacy Bassford

Stacy Bassford

JFK Negotiating Team Representative
Brendan Moriarty

Brendan Moriarty

LGB Negotiating Team Representative
Ernesto Gomez

Ernesto Gomez

MCO Negotiating Team Representative