JetBlue COVID-19 Update—06-25-2020

First, we’d like to thank everyone who participated in the TWU/JetBlue IFC Town Hall Conference Call last week. We look forward to scheduling another Town Hall call soon. If you were unable to attend live, you can listen to the Town Hall call at the website. We will post additional Q&As on the website to address the questions we didn’t address on the call.

The Transport Workers Union of America has received several questions and concerns regarding issues that have arisen with the many changes in flying and leaves due to COVID-19.

Based on reports from our IFCs who have been granted R&R or COVID-19 leaves, it appears that JetBlue has reported net wages as opposed to gross wages to some state unemployment agencies. We understand that many IFCs who took voluntary leaves did so knowing they’d need their complete, earned unemployment insurance to supplement their income. We requested that JetBlue ensure all wages are being reported correctly to state unemployment agencies. If you believe your wages have been reported incorrectly, please notify the TWU and provide documentation, so we can assist you.

With the reopening of JetBlue University (JBU), the TWU has received several messages from IFCs concerned that proper protocols are not being followed by some employees they interact with while in the training facility. We reported those concerns to JetBlue Management who stated that JBU has been instructed that all CDC protocols and local ordinance requirements, including Orange County Florida Emergency Executive Order 2020-23 Regarding COVID-19 and Orange County Florida Emergency Executive Order 2020-12 Regarding COVID-19, must be followed. Each of these Executive Orders

“require that both employees and patrons of businesses
that require employees and patrons to be within six (6) feet must wear a face mask or
covering, unless the wearing of the patron’s face mask or covering would impede the
patron’s service, in which case only the service provider must wear a face mask or

Please continue to do everything you can do to remain safe. If you observe anyone failing to adhere to proper protocols, please follow procedures to notify Management and report the incident to your Union.

Due to increased demand for air travel, we also heard rumors that Port Authority would no longer allow JFK-based IFCs to park at the airport, and they would be forced back to the Lefferts Lot. However, they were not planning on reinstating the shuttle for the foreseeable future. The TWU requested that, if IFC parking was changed, the shuttle bus should be reinstated to limit exposure for IFCs. From what the TWU has been told, Port Authority has changed course on this decision, and they will not be making the change at this time. We will continue to monitor the situation.

The deadline for Opt Outs is June 30 at 10:00 a.m., EDT. The TWU continues to receive questions regarding Opt Outs, R&R, and JetBlue’s statements about potential furloughs. We understand that these are important questions, but since your Union was not involved in negotiating these programs, please direct any questions to Crew Resources or your Supervisor. We believe that the best resolution to any and all questions can be resolved in a fair contract for JetBlue IFCs, and we will continue working to achieve that goal.

Please continue to stay safe at home and work. Together we will make it through this.