JetBlue Management’s Unacceptable Counter-Proposals & Actions

Last month, your TWU/JetBlue IFC Negotiating Team (NT) returned to the negotiating table with JetBlue management. After our first Tentative Agreement (TA) was rejected, we immediately went to work, surveying our fellow IFCs; reviewing comments and results; and revising language, to deliver a comprehensive proposal to the Company.

This week, after JetBlue management had a month to review and respond to our proposals, we are not just disappointed, we are angry. Not only did Management fail to address the important issues that must be addressed in the TA, their counter-proposals seem crafted to diminish the quality of our home and work lives.

Furthermore, this week we learned that LAX IFCs (ONLY IFCs—no other work groups) have been moved to a parking lot that is not only inconvenient, but dangerous for terminal access. Our JFK based IFCs will now have a Co-Base in EWR, which is incredibly expensive and difficult to get to. This was explicitly prohibited in the rejected TA. In addition, IFCs will now be required to lower tray tables between flights, which was previously the job of cleaners. Finally, JetBlue has announced setting a new standard in Transatlantic service; yet, the excessive workload on the cadre IFCs comes with decreased compensation and flexibility. JetBlue is going to London, but it seems determined to leave us behind.

After a year of uncertainty; sacrifice; and risk to the safety, health, and economic security of our IFCs, it seems management has decided to try to take further advantage of us not having a legal and binding contract. While JetBlue speaks optimistically to the analysts on Wall Street and to the travel world about recovery, they expect IFCs to work harder and longer, for less.

We received our marching orders from you. We are fighting for a Contract to reflect the significant contributions IFCs make every day to the success of JetBlue, and we need you to step up and fight with us. In the very near future, we will call on you to help us send a message to JetBlue management that we are united and committed, and we will be successful together.

The NT has scheduled additional dates to meet with the Company on May 18–20. We also requested additional dates for June, July, and August. We requested to meet in person. Since the management expects you to return to full service on the aircraft, we expect them to return to the table. We are prepared to meet safely whenever or wherever necessary, for as long as it takes, to achieve the first contract we all deserve.

Thank you for your support. United, we stand.