Update on KCM Rules and Procedures

To clarify recent changes in Known Crew Member (KCM) rules, Airlines for America (A4A) and the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), cosponsors of KCM, have published updated rules for the program. We have posted the current screening requirements for Crewmembers utilizing KCM (in or out of uniform), which include the reasons and protocols for disqualification from the program, at the website. Please take the time to review the entire document and familiarize yourself with KCM changes.

If, while using KCM, you encounter a situation in which you believe the published rules are not being followed, please comply with the direction of the Transportation Security Officer. After you have cleared the security checkpoint, you may file a complaint with a Supervisor on duty or through www.knowncrewmember.org. You may also report any discrepancies you experience on the website.

Please remember that the use of the KCM program is a privilege and not a right. KCM eligible Crewmembers are required to understand KCM rules and comply with them. Failure to follow these rules could result in the temporary or permanent loss of KCM privileges. More egregious violations of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) could result in civil or criminal penalties.

Thank you for your compliance with these rules to protect this valuable program and fly safe.

UPDATE: 02-10-2020

These rules have changed. Please stay abreast of all KCM® Rules for Use changes at knowncrewmember.org/rules.