Message to Ed Baklor from the TWU

Earlier today I sent a clear message to Ed Baklor that our IFCs deserve more respect for the work all of you are doing. At TWU, we are proud of the incredible job you are all doing on the front lines during these unprecedented times.

With the operation ramped back up to 2019 levels, nearly overnight, we would have thought that Ed would have praised the loyalty our IFCs have to JetBlue. Instead, he has sent out a constant barrage of threatening messages that put more, not less, pressure on each of you. This is a management failure that must stop. TWU recognizes that the operational changes and scheduling demands have left many IFCs exhausted and very much underappreciated. But instead of praising the IFCs who are on the front lines dealing with irate passengers, Ed openly chastises us.

Maybe it is me, but it seems like Ed is out of touch with the IFCs and the experience all of you are used to providing the JetBlue customer. Maybe it is because he is not an airline person, but rather a results driven executive, who came from the corporate world. We all know the aircraft is nothing like an amusement park, with everyone having to deal with well over 100 passengers at a time, throwing everything they have pent up inside at the IFCs.

All of you are safety professionals, who also happen to provide the inflight customer experience that sets JetBlue apart from the competition. And until Ed sees that he is the reason the IFCs are being handcuffed with operational and provisioning failures, there is little that will improve. He cannot simply put a band-aid on most problems and claim they are fixed. We all know about the EWR base fiasco, exhausting trip extensions, transportation errors, and the ongoing unreasonable changes to the “Dependability Policy”.

As outside factors and workplace issues continue to mount, somehow Ed believes that adding threatening and intimidating messages will somehow fix his mistakes. I have told Ed, enough is enough, it is time for him to show the IFCs the respect they deserve. If he wants to address the real problems our IFCs are facing every day, instead of playing the blame game and creating additional obstacles for our IFCs to overcome, we are here to assist.

While the TWU continues fighting to get the IFCs the “Results & Respect” each of you deserves, always remember that you are the faces of JetBlue who provide the lasting memory of the JetBlue brand, and the data shows it is one of the main reasons why many JetBlue customers keep coming back.

Mike Mayes
TWU International Administrative Vice President