Myth-busting Social Media Misinformation/Town Hall Call Tomorrow

Since the release of the Tentative Agreement, we have seen a lot of social media discussion, and unfortunately, much of that discussion is filled with misinformation. Our IFCs deserve to make decisions based on accurate information, so we want to explain these misunderstood terms and bust these rumors in simple terms.

True or False? JetBlue cannot make changes to IFC pay or working conditions while we are negotiating our first contract because we have “status quo” protections.


There are no status quo protections during negotiations for a first contract. “Status quo” protections under the Railway Labor Act (the law that governs our negotiations)  prevent an air carrier like JetBlue from unilaterally changing terms and conditions of an
existing contract. When a collective bargaining agreement is already in place, the courts have said that carriers must maintain the status quo and make no changes. The courts have also held that status quo protections do
not apply when there is no existing contract. In other words, JetBlue can make changes to our pay, benefits, or other working conditions at any time
until we ratify our first contract.

Don’t rely on social media misinformation or take a chance on having the protections a legal contract guarantees. Having a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) in place is the only way to have legally binding contractual protections. With a CBA, you are no longer an at-will employee, and JetBlue cannot change the benefits secured in the contract.