I wanted to thank all of you for the questions you have submitted to the Negotiating Team (NT) about the Tentative Agreement (TA). We are happy to help you make an informed decision about the ratification vote. The NT has received several questions and a lot of feedback concerning the work rules affecting Reserves. The […]

First of all, your entire Negotiating Team would like to send a sincere thank you to all of our IFCs who have served or are serving in our Military on this Veteran’s Day. Your NT has just completed a Contract Ratification Tele-Town Hall. In addition to talks about guaranteeing the work rules that we currently […]

We understand that there is a lot going on, and sometimes it’s better to have a clear, concise way to communicate the importance of the issues surrounding our Tentative Agreement (TA), so we produced a short video for you to detail our voting process and explain what’s really at stake. We are prepared to assist […]

Thank you for your patience while we complete the final preparations for the launch of our Tentative Agreement (TA) education and ratification efforts for our historic TWU/JetBlue IFC Collective Bargaining Agreement. We are working nonstop to educate our IFCs about this TA. A Contract is the only way to protect JetBlue IFCs during these uncertain […]

Against all odds, your TWU/JetBlue IFC Negotiating Team (NT) accomplished an unprecedented feat this week. We negotiated an initial contract during a pandemic that has created the most challenging economic time in aviation history. However, your NT strongly believes our JetBlue IFCs deserve to have the protection and power that a strong union coupled with […]

Your TWU/JetBlue IFC Negotiating Team (NT) is proud to announce the culmination of our efforts from the past two years—we have reached a Tentative Agreement (TA) on the historic first contract for our JetBlue Inflight Crewmembers (IFCs). As challenging as first contracts typically are, there was nothing to prepare us for the catastrophic effects of […]