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Thank you for requesting a Peer Observer to accompany to your meeting. Please use the form below to request a Peer Observer. All fields are required. We are required to notify JetBlue Management who will be attending your meeting with you at least FOUR HOURS prior to your meeting. If we are unable to find a Peer Observer to accompany you to your meeting, you must still attend your meeting. We would advise speaking to a Peer Observer or TWU Advisor prior to any meeting where discipline could be issued.

Please do NOT use a “” email address for Peer Observer requests.

  • Only submit a Peer Observer request when you have received a confirmed date and time from the JetBlue management. Please do not include options for meeting times in the box below.
  • Please do not submit multiple requests for the same meeting. Only submit a new request if the meeting time and date have changed, and state that in the box below.

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    Peer Observer FAQs

    The Union and Company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to allow TWU Peer Observers to be present, observe, and take notes at any investigatory meeting that could lead to disciplinary action.

    The role of TWU IFC Peer Observers is to prepare, advise and assist fellow IFCs if they are called in for an investigatory meeting that could lead to discipline.  During investigatory meetings, Peer Observers will act as silent observers and take notes.

    An IFC may request one JetBlue IFC (“Observing IFC”) attend any investigatory or other meeting with JetBlue’s leadership that could result in discipline or discharge. JetBlue leadership shall not unreasonably deny this request.

    Under the MOU, Management must notify an IFC at least 24-hours in advance via email if they are being called in for a meeting that could lead to discipline. The notice will also notify the IFC of their right to have a Peer Observer present for the meeting.  It is important that you request a Peer Observer immediately upon being notified of a meeting to allow the Union to confirm a Peer Observer.

    No, Peer Observers must attend in person.

    We can request that the meeting is rescheduled however changing the meeting will be at the discretion of Management.

    The only meetings excluded from the MOU are cabin fume/odor debriefings and meetings in which an IFC is making an initial report of sexual harassment.  If there are follow-up meetings on these two items that could lead to disciplinary action, you may request a TWU IFC Peer Observer.

    The only meetings where Management may not be required to give at least 24-hours notice are cases involving safety of flight, including reasonable suspicion under the JetBlue Drug and Alcohol Policy; customer removals; and law enforcement or regulatory authorities, including but not limited to FAA, NTSB, CBP, FBI.

    Yes, as a requirement of the MOU, all TWU IFC Peer Observer are subject to confidentiality agreements with the TWU and JetBlue.

    No. While the TWU Peer Observer Program is a first step, and can provide valuable support for IFCs in disciplinary meetings, contractual grievance procedures will provide required time frames, allow active advocacy in meetings, require just cause for discipline, and allow for due process to resolve disputes.

    No, under the MOU, the TWU IFC Peer Observer will take notes and serve as a silent observer.

    Upon request, the notes can be provided to you to assist you in writing a statement or in the appeals process in disputing a disciplinary action.

    No, under the terms of the MOU, “No lFC will be discriminated or retaliated against for participating in or utilizing this MOU.”

    Yes. The MOU states that an IFC may choose an IFC who is not a trained TWU Peer Observer. If an IFC chooses to take someone who is not a trained TWU Peer Observer, the TWU will not be responsible for requirements of the MOU.

    An IFC will be required to identify the Observing IFC to the Company’s meeting coordinator at least 4 hours in advance. Time permitting, the IFC will be required to choose an alternate if the Observing IFC may also be interviewed as part of the investigation.

    No, under the MOU, no meetings are allowed to be recorded by either party.

    To become a TWU IFC Peer Observer, please fill out the application and you will be contacted with future training dates.

    Peer Observer Memorandum of Understanding

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