TWU/JetBlue IFC News and Updates

TWU Demands Contract Compliance from JetBlue

The calamity that has been the JetBlue response to their IFCs ratifying their first contract has been disappointing at best. JetBlue had every tool and resource to swiftly implement most of our contract after a 65% upvote of TA2 on Dec 13, 2021, but unfortunately, so far we have seen many missteps and misinformation. JetBlue’s miscalculations on staffing needs during this pandemic-ridden holiday season should not have meant an unwarranted burden on our workgroup, but we now have a CBA to protect us. Please read the letter from TWU International Administrative Vice President Mike Mayes, sent to Ed Baklor yesterday, calling for JetBlue to fix the issues we have been facing on the line.

As we enter the New Year with our new contract and our fighting democratic Union, better days are ahead. We look forward to sharing with you what those experiences will look like.

Contract Implementation Update

Yesterday, TWU met virtually with the Company to address the transition from the non-contractual Peer Observer program to the contractual grievance process. In order to facilitate the necessary personnel training for both the Union and the Company, both parties agreed to extend the grievance resolution timelines outlined in Article 20 Disciplinary Grievances & Article 21 Non-Disciplinary Grievances with start dates of February 1, 2022, and January 1, 2022, respectively. These extensions are very limited in nature and provide a buffer of time to ensure we have IFC representatives trained in the enforcement of the Contract. Read more

TWU/JetBlue Contract Implementation Updates

On Tuesday, I participated in a discussion with your NT and TAP teams and heard some concerning information from both.

I want to be sure we are providing the membership the most up to date and important information, in a timely manner. That is the reason for this letter, to be sure that the membership is aware we are listening and engaged as we continue moving forward in this process.

First and foremost, we are entering our second week under the Contract and as your representatives, we will not stand by and have our newest members simply dismissed by a management team as if things are “business as usual”. When you ratified your first Contract, the playing field changed from what it was just one day prior. In fairness, some contractual items will take some time to implement, as I described in my previous letter, but many do not require an implementation schedule and can and should be implemented immediately. Read more

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