TWU/JetBlue IFC News and Updates

This week I, along with International Administrative Vice President Mike Mayes, joined your TWU IFC Negotiating Team (NT), in New York, for their negotiating session with JetBlue Management. I went to deliver the message personally that the full strength and support of the TWU is behind achieving the first contract our IFCs deserve. Also, that we cannot continue negotiating at the same pace as we have since returning to the bargaining table. During this session we were successful in reaching Tentative Agreements on six articles and started to engage in serious discussions about the issues that our IFCs have prioritized to reach the contract, with work protections, that they deserve.

Meanwhile, I know that you have continued to experience threats, intimidation, and unfair discipline that seem to be coming directly from Vice President of Inflight Ed Baklor. Unfortunately, it appears that Ed continues to react with emotion and fails to recognize that the TWU has offered to work with JetBlue to find solutions to his self-induced staffing and scheduling problems. Other carriers are facing similar staffing issues, as the industry has rebounded faster than economists expected. Other carriers have put provisions in place because flights are so full, to get the Flight Attendants to the duty assignment. Airlines have also worked with their unions to offer financial incentives to cover the short staffing issues in the operation. Mr. Baklor has clearly decided it is easier to blame others and seems to have taken take the low road by putting our IFCs in harm’s way. In one clear example of intimidation, IFCs were replaced and charged with a Refusal for simply asking a question. The Supervisor would not even look the IFCs in the eye and stated, “I’m just the messenger.” I have news for Mr. Baklor—the TWU has a “message” even though we have yet to ratify our first contract with JetBlue, we are prepared to defend our IFCs, and we will not sit by quietly and tolerate your continued bullying. Read more

Earlier today I sent a clear message to Ed Baklor that our IFCs deserve more respect for the work all of you are doing. At TWU, we are proud of the incredible job you are all doing on the front lines during these unprecedented times.

With the operation ramped back up to 2019 levels, nearly overnight, we would have thought that Ed would have praised the loyalty our IFCs have to JetBlue. Instead, he has sent out a constant barrage of threatening messages that put more, not less, pressure on each of you. This is a management failure that must stop. Read more

The TWU & TAP Steering Committee has heard of the new implementations of doctor’s notes over the critical coverage days. Unfortunately, in the absence of a ratified agreement which provides us a grievance procedure, JetBlue management maintains the unilateral right to make changes that can have a significant impact on our lives. The company can and will amend their practices as outlined in the Blue Book for business purposes, and the only way we can stop that is if we have a contract. Read more

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