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Pay Wins, Reserve Wins, and Scheduling Wins—Oh, My!

Tentative Agreement 2 voting is open now through Monday, December 13th at 1900, EST, so let’s take a moment to review some of the biggest wins secured in TA2.
This agreement is the byproduct of years of negotiating, and we’re really proud of the wins we secured for new IFCs and the entire workgroup.

We’ve broken out the major TA2 wins into three key categories for our workgroup: Reserve, Pay, and Scheduling. Check out the highlights below. Read more

A Message from Sonya Payne, TWU/JetBlue IFC NT Member, BOS/Mint

As you know, the voting period for TA2 is now open! You have until Monday, December 13th at 1900, EST to cast your vote to ratify the Contract. If you’re receiving this email, you’re registered to vote! Simply follow the instructions in the email you received from BallotPoint to cast your ballot and have your voice heard.

Still undecided? Let a few of your fellow Inflight Crewmembers tell you why they’re voting in favor of ratifying this Contract:

Read more

Voting on TA2 is Open

The voting period on TA2 ratification is open. If you’re received this as an email, you are considered registered in our system, and can cast your vote at any time between now and the end of the voting period on December 13th! You should have received an email from BallotPoint. Follow the instructions to cast your vote. Read more

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