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Reserve WINS and Clarifications—Brendan Moriarty, LAX NT Member

I wanted to thank all of you for the questions you have submitted to the Negotiating Team (NT) about the Tentative Agreement (TA). We are happy to help you make an informed decision about the ratification vote.

The NT has received several questions and a lot of feedback concerning the work rules affecting Reserves. The Reserve section of the TA contained substantial quality of life improvements, including the following:

  • AM/PM Reserve Period Preference Bidding parameters
  • Preference bid for Pairings/ASB/Reserve Periods
  • Maintaining Ten (10) hour Reserve Assignment Period (RAP)
  • Preventing Pairings from being assigned during the Next Day Reserve Assignments that become available after 1200 the day prior and must be placed in Open Time
  • No Redeye Assignments if RAP begins before 0759
  • Guaranteed scheduled 11 hours rest in Base
  • Guaranteed 12 hours rest if after a Redeye or 16 hour duty period
  • Reserve may not be assigned ASB if she/he has been on duty for eight (8) hours or more
  • Reserves may only be assigned to ASB within the first seven (7) hours of a RAP
  • Establishes Order of Reserve Assignment
  • Prohibits Lineholder ASB without IFC concurrence
  • Limits monthly Company assigned ASBs to six (6) and no more than two (2) days in a row (both IFC waivable)
  • Auto-Release provisions for last day of a Reserve block
  • Day Off Encroachment Protections/Pay
  • No RAPs will start between 0700 and 1300
  • No ASB after assignment unless a Level 2 or higher

We received some very valid concerns and questions about other aspects of the Reserve article. Thanks to your feedback, we have clarified our intent with JetBlue, and worked to get that intent guaranteed in writing. This Letter of Agreement (LOA) guarantees Reserves the right to pick up 20 hours above their guarantee. This LOA will be part of the Contract, once it is ratified. This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) specifies clarifications that will be included in the final Contract language, if ratified, to ensure that the language clearly reflects the intent of what was negotiated.

We are glad to provide these clarifications to guarantee the quality of life of our Reserves. Remember that these improvements mean nothing—and are not guaranteed—unless they are in a legally enforceable contract.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and the rest of your Negotiating Team with any questions you have. All questions you submit come directly to us.

In addition, we will all be available tomorrow at 2:00 p.m., EST for another Tele-Town Hall. You can ask your questions in advance or live on the call.