TWU Files a “Cease & Desist” Order Against JetBlue

This week the TWU filed for a cease-and-desist order against JetBlue with the Queens Supreme Court, regarding the unreasonable and arbitrary changes to the JetBlue IFC Dependability Program that we believe violate both the New York City and New York State “Paid Sick Leave” laws. Based on our reading, these laws require employers to grant up to fifty-six hours of paid time off a year; further, employers cannot require a doctor’s note unless the employee calls in sick for three or more consecutive days. JetBlue is demanding IFCs (flight attendants) who take just one or two sick days get a doctor’s note, which appears to be in clear violation of the laws.

At this time, the TWU’s filing would only apply to IFCs in New York City and New York State; however, the TWU also believes that these changes could violate similar laws in other states. While we continue to legal venues, if you have accrued additional points due to expanded Critical Coverage periods or have been required to see a Company Doctor after a sick call of less than three (3) days, we are asking that you please fill out the following forms to notify the correct municipality of your complaint:

If you feel that you have been assigned extra points due to expanded Critical Coverage, or if you were required to provide a Doctor’s note for a sick call of less than three days, we encourage you to file a complaint. The TWU is fighting hard for you, and we are using all available venues to protect JetBlue IFCs. We also continue to fight for the ultimate protection, which is provided through a legally binding UNION contract. We will keep you updated on any changes in the status of the lawsuit.

Please continue to fly safely, and if you need any assistance, please contact your IFC Leaders and TWU advisors at