TWU Honors its Essential IFCs on International Flight Attendant Day

May 31, 2020 marks International Flight Attendant Day, and the Transport Workers Union of America (TWU) wants to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of our 25,000 essential cabin crew workers. While we appreciate you as members and as front-line, transportation first responders every day, we wanted to take a moment, on this day set aside to honor you, to thank you for all you do.

There are few professions that require a combination of commitment to customer service, safety training, emergency response, and security. You now have the new responsibility of pandemic response. In addition to these roles, you are the public face of your company and your union that spends the most time interacting with customers. The TWU is proud to work with you and represent you.

During the best of times, flight attendants face unique challenges throughout the course of a workday. On top of that, many have faced the realities of toxic fume events, sexual harassment and assault, and other types of traumatic events. We all experience stressful situations in our professions, but you and your coworkers are facing those stressors at 30,000 feet in an isolated environment where you must make difficult decisions, both small and large, without input, guidance, or support from management.

At no time have those stressors become more magnified than during the COVID-19 crisis. In addition to performing your daily tasks, you are the eyes and ears of this crisis. You are telling company management what you need to do to protect the safety and health of your coworkers and passengers, and your requests often fall on deaf ears. This crisis is also proving to be economically stressful to our members, as flight schedules rapidly change and flight attendants take lower-paid leaves, as necessary, to keep themselves and their families safe.

Each one of you is unique. Your strength and talents are an asset to our union. We honor you on 2020’s International Flight Attendant Day and every day, because of your dedication to the profession and because you are a valued part of the TWU family.

In Solidarity,
John Samuelsen
International President

Alex Garcia
International Executive Vice President

Jerome Lafragola
International Secretary-Treasurer

Mike Mayes
International Administrative Vice President & Air Division Director

Curtis Tate
International Administrative Vice President & Transit, Universities, Utilities and Service Director