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TWU/JetBlue IFC Negotiations Update: 07-02-2020

Your TWU/JetBlue IFC Negotiating Team (NT) has just finished a 4-day, virtual negotiating session with JetBlue Management. We discussed the following articles:

  • General Union Information
  • Reduced Credit Flying and R&R
  • Missing, Internment, Prisoner, or Hostage of War Benefits.

We made progress on all articles, and we reached a Tentative Agreement (TA) on Missing, Internment, Prisoner, or Hostage of War Benefits.

After presenting a comprehensive economic proposal to Management on June 16, your NT has not received a counterproposal. We have, however, secured additional dates for negotiations on July 27–31 and August 3–7. We also notified Jetblue Management that we are prepared to work any other additional dates, weekends, or holidays between now and our next scheduled session, because this first agreement is so important to our IFCs. While we understand that this is not the ideal time to negotiate economics in our industry, we hope that all IFCs recognize the importance of having a contract to protect our Members and give them a voice navigating the issues that will directly impact the sustainability and recovery of our Company and our industry.

We continue to receive messages of concern regarding the underreporting of wages for IFCs applying for unemployment benefits while on unpaid leaves. While Management continues to request that these issues be worked out on an individual basis with Crew Resources or your Base Supervisors, we believe that there may be a systemic problem that needs to be addressed, company-wide. Please continue to keep us updated on any problems that your are encountering, so that we can assist you.

We have also heard your concerns about the continuation of Blue Turn and the restoration of cabin food and drink service, while COVID-19 numbers increase all across the country. The TWU believes that this is the time to do everything possible to protect our IFCs and restore consumer confidence in air travel. We have conveyed your concerns to JetBlue Management, and we will continue to fight for the safest possible workplace for our Members.

As we go into the holiday weekend, we wish each and every IFC Member and your families a safe and happy Independence Day. Take care of yourselves and each other; and united, we will make it through this.