Your TWU/JetBlue IFC Negotiating Team (NT) met in-person with JetBlue management August 17–19 in New York. Our main topic of discussion was the Mint and TransAtlantic Qualified Roles article. Your NT has heard your many concerns concerning these programs, and we are working diligently to resolve those issues with a legally binding contract. While we did not reach a tentative agreement, we did make some progress, and we have scheduled an additional three-day session on August 31–September 2 to continue discussions with the company.

While in New York for negotiations, your NT also attended our Union Tuesday mixer in Kew Gardens. We had our largest attendance so far, and it is clear that IFCs are enjoying the social aspect of these meetings and eager to get information about negotiations and the TAP Team. Our next Union Tuesday is in MCO on August 24 from 5:00 to 8:00, EST at Half Barrel Beer Project. We hope to see you there.

Thank you for your continued support. We know that you are facing unprecedented struggles, as a result of the poor decisions made by Ed Baklor, that directly impact your health and your quality of life—both at work and at home. This does not represent the Caring Value to our IFCs, and it shows the need for a contract that not only protects our IFCs, but protects the culture of the company we have built.