Watch Our New Contract Ratification Video

We understand that there is a lot going on, and sometimes it’s better to have a clear, concise way to communicate the importance of the issues surrounding our Tentative Agreement (TA), so we produced a short video for you to detail our voting process and explain what’s really at stake.

We are prepared to assist you however we can in researching the “ins and outs” of the TA as thoroughly as you’d like. All of the following resources are available on the TWU/JetBlue IFCs website:

  • Contract Ratification Video
  • “What Do Our Votes Mean” flyer
  • “What We Won and What We Stopped” flyer
  • TA Questions and Answers
  • Contract Ratification Schedule
  • Tentative Agreement—Full Text
  • Ask Your Negotiating Team Directly

We have heard your requests for more information from our financial expert, Dan Akins, so we are working to put together a presentation that we can share on the website. Look for more information coming your way to help you make an informed decision.

Remember, in uncertain times, the best protection is a legally binding union contract.