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Watch Our Video Featuring Our JetBlue IFCs

When I became an activist in the organizing campaign for TWU as our union, I did so because I saw firsthand the crucial need to bridge the gap between humanity and us, as IFCs. When I ran for the Negotiating Team for MCO, I did it because I wanted to continue fighting for us frontline souls who are often overlooked in this ever-evolving industry that tends to be dismissive towards workgroups that have no collective bargaining agreements to stand on.

A lot has changed since we sat down at the table to negotiate our historic first contract. But one thing has stayed the same—now, more than ever, JetBlue IFCs need a legally binding and enforceable contract to provide the protections and guarantees we need in these uncertain, unpredictable times we’re currently in and to protect us moving forward.

Here are a few reasons, from your fellow IFCs and the TWU International President, John Samuelsen, on why we need a contract now.

I’m voting yes, and I hope you will too, in order to secure our future and protect our workgroup of IFCs.

Yours in unity,
Ernesto Gomez,
MCO NT Representative