In Honor of International Workers’ Memorial Day

Today, as we commemorate International Workers’ Memorial Day, it has never been more important to stand together and fight for a safer workplace for our JetBlue IFCs and for workers everywhere. As you continue to go to work every day, not only are you facing a personal health threat from COVID-19, but you are also witnessing a threat to the industry that supports you and your households.

You are essential workers who are reuniting families and transporting medical workers, volunteers, and supplies where they are needed most. When you perform that vital function, you deserve the safest workplace possible. Read more

TWU/JetBlue IFC COVID-19 Update & Negotiations Update—04-24-2020

The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our IFCs have demonstrated that it is more important than ever that we reach a fair contract with JetBlue. Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions and stay at home directives, your TWU/JetBlue IFC Negotiating Team (NT) held last week’s negotiating session with JetBlue Management remotely via videoconference. We reached one Tentative Agreement on Expenses. We exchanged and discussed proposals on the following articles: Read more

TWU / JetBlue IFC COVID-19 Update—04-17-2020

Happy Birthday, JetBlue IFCs. Two years ago, a two-thirds majority of your workforce voted for the Transport Workers Union of America (TWU) to act as your exclusive bargaining representative. It seems like only yesterday that we anxiously awaited the results. Looking back over those two years, you can be proud of yourselves, You are TWU, and, working together, we have accomplished some amazing things.

You elected a dedicated and talented Negotiating Team who got you to the table in record time. Your team has reached twenty Tentative Agreements with JetBlue Management, and they are close to finalizing just a few outstanding issues pertaining to several more articles. Your JetBlue IFC advocates and the TWU have established IFC Committees for Communications, Grievance, Scheduling, Professional Standards, Education and Training, Hotel, Legislative Affairs, and Health and Safety that have been in the middle of the fight to to help protect all JetBlue IFCs during the COVID-19 crisis. We also established a Peer Observer Program that trained over one hundred volunteer Peer Observers, who have actively assisted IFCs before, during, and after their disciplinary meetings. Read more

COVID-19 Updates—04-11-2020 & RSL Pay Protection


Thank you to everyone who has contacted us regarding the release of the “JETCRW Direct Request Feature for RSL Removal” application (the App), which allows IFCs to request RSL removal without pay protection. To be very clear, the TWU did not negotiate this provision, and we were not notified before it was announced.

The TWU has heard from several IFCs who are in high risk categories, have family care issues, are experiencing commuting difficulties, etc. Some of these IFCS were willing to have their trips removed without pay, but may not have been able to hold R&R. As a solution, the TWU proposed allowing IFCs to drop to zero hours using the tradeboard. The Company refused this request several times. We also requested that Scheduling release RSLs more than 24-hours prior to their assignment, when it is clear that Open Time is covered and there are sufficient Reserves to support the operation. Management agreed to consider looking at conditions two or three days in advance to limit potential, unnecessary exposure due to commuting or staying in crash pads. Read more

TWU COVID-19 Update—04-07-2020

The TWU is fully engaged in COVID-19 fight to protect our Members. Please see this recent video by TWU International President John Samuelsen and a letter we sent yesterday to the FAA and OSHA demanding protection for our Members. The TWU is also working collaboratively with other airline unions and with elected leaders to ensure that the CARES Act is administered to meet its intended goal of direct payment of airline salaries and benefits.

We have linked to two letters to U.S. Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin; one from six unions, representing over 400,000 airline workers and one from Congressional leaders. Both letters urge Secretary Mnuchin to use the CARES funding solely for its intended purposes and request that the administration avoids placing unnecessary restrictions on airlines that receive the grants. Read more

TWU COVID-19 Update—03-31-2020

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On Friday, March 27, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) was signed into law. This legislation, which the TWU was instrumental in advancing, provides direct grants to airlines to pay 100% of employee wages and benefits and prohibits airlines from involuntarily furloughing employees until at least September 30, 2020. In exchange, airlines that accept the grants must agree to no stock buybacks or shareholder dividends through 2021 and caps on executive compensation through 2022; in addition, the government may or may not take an uncontrolled interest in the airline for a short time. Read more

TWU COVID-19 Update with JetBlue Management Responses—03-25-2020

We are happy to be report that last night the Senate agreed to a bipartisan bill that will provide direct aid to airlines, including funding airline worker paychecks. While the bill did not address all of the labor protections requested for working people, it is crucial for the protection of our IFCs and JetBlue. Thank you to those who contacted your Senators and requested them to support direct aid to our crucial transportation workers.

Yesterday, we sent you an email updating you on requests we have made of JetBlue Management in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Late yesterday afternoon, we received answers to many of those questions, so and have included the responses (without editing) to the following questions: Read more

TWU COVID-19 Update—03-24-2020

First of all, as our nation and our industry combats the COVID-19 crisis, thank you for your support and commitment as essential, front-line employees. The TWU is working hard to ensure that our IFCs are given the safest possible workplace, and we also support efforts to provide for the financial stability and future of JetBlue.

We know that many of our IFCs fall under state or local “shelter in place,” “stay at home,” or other travel restrictions. It is important to understand that, as essential employees, transportation employees are exempt from these restrictions or requirements for work purposes, so please carry your airline IDs with you when traveling to and from work. Read more

TWU COVID-19 Legislative Update—March 21, 2020

This weekend, the U.S. Congress is working in Washington, DC to pass emergency assistance for airlines, who are experiencing historic cancellation rates and nearly nonexistent future bookings as a result of COVID-19.

Earlier today, JetBlue sent a message to all IFCs and asked you to contact Congress to request immediate governmental assistance for our airlines. This assistance is vital to allow us to continue providing the invaluable services we offer and to save thousands of aviation jobs. Read more