Watch Our Video Featuring Our JetBlue IFCs

When I became an activist in the organizing campaign for TWU as our union, I did so because I saw firsthand the crucial need to bridge the gap between humanity and us, as IFCs. When I ran for the Negotiating Team for MCO, I did it because I wanted to continue fighting for us frontline souls who are often overlooked in this ever-evolving industry that tends to be dismissive towards workgroups that have no collective bargaining agreements to stand on. Read more

Can We Go Back to the Table?—Sonya Payne, TWU/JetBlue IFC NT Member, BOS/Mint

I just completed our most recent Tele-Town Hall with the rest of your TWU/JetBlue IFC Negotiating Team (NT), and one of the questions we received is one we have heard on every call:

“If we vote no for the Contract, can’t we just go back to the table and get more?”

The answer to that question is Read more

Reserve WINS and Clarifications—Brendan Moriarty, LAX NT Member

I wanted to thank all of you for the questions you have submitted to the Negotiating Team (NT) about the Tentative Agreement (TA). We are happy to help you make an informed decision about the ratification vote.

The NT has received several questions and a lot of feedback concerning the work rules affecting Reserves. The Reserve section of the TA contained substantial quality of life improvements, including the following: Read more

View Your Contract Wins—Stacy Bassford, JFK NT Member

First of all, your entire Negotiating Team would like to send a sincere thank you to all of our IFCs who have served or are serving in our Military on this Veteran’s Day.

Your NT has just completed a Contract Ratification Tele-Town Hall. In addition to talks about guaranteeing the work rules that we currently have or highlighting the concessions the company wanted, we also received a lot of new questions about the positive gains achieved in this TA. Read more

REAL Contract Protections in Case of Furlough

Thank you to everyone who attended our first Contract Ratification Tele-Town Hall. We received a lot of great questions, and many of them have been posted on the TA Question & Answer page at Our next Tele-Town Hall will be tomorrow, November 7 at Noon, EST. The call details are as follows: Read more

TWU/JetBlue IFC Tentative Agreement is now available

We are pleased to announce that the Tentative Agreement (TA) between the Transport Workers Union of America/JetBlue IFCs and JetBlue Airways Corporation has been released. In addition, we have compiled some educational material to assist you in making an informed decision before the ratification vote.

All of the current information is available on the front page of

TWU/JetBlue IFC Contract Ratification Schedule

Thank you for your patience while we complete the final preparations for the launch of our Tentative Agreement (TA) education and ratification efforts for our historic TWU/JetBlue IFC Collective Bargaining Agreement. We are working nonstop to educate our IFCs about this TA. A Contract is the only way to protect JetBlue IFCs during these uncertain times, and we are working nonstop to ensure you can cast an informed vote about this agreement. You deserve to know the facts about the TA, the state of our industry, and the importance of making a responsible vote.

We will release the contract the afternoon of Monday, November 2. We have attached a calendar of educational events that start after the launch of the contract and last until voting closes. Read more