Last month, your TWU/JetBlue IFC Negotiating Team (NT) returned to the negotiating table with JetBlue management. After our first Tentative Agreement (TA) was rejected, we immediately went to work, surveying our fellow IFCs; reviewing comments and results; and revising language, to deliver a comprehensive proposal to the Company.

This week, after JetBlue management had a month to review and respond to our proposals, we are not just disappointed, we are angry. Not only did Management fail to address the important issues that must be addressed in the TA, their counter-proposals seem crafted to diminish the quality of our home and work lives. Read more

Please take a moment to watch this video update from your TWU/JetBlue IFC Negotiating Team.

In solidarity,

Sonya Payne
BOS NT Representative
Stacy Bassford
JFK NT Representative
Dee Lozito-Klimar
FLL NT Representative
Brendan Moriarty
LAX NT Representative
Ernesto Gomez
MCO NT Representative


Please take a moment to watch this video message from your TWU/JetBlue IFC Negotiating Team as we prepare to return to the table today.

Negotiations are scheduled through March 11, and we will update you on our progress. Read more

We are pleased to announce that your TWU/JetBlue IFC Negotiating Team will resume negotiations with JetBlue Management by videoconference next week. We will begin our meetings at 1:00 P.M., EST on March 9 and conclude on March 11.

We look forward to returning to the bargaining table, and we will update you at the conclusion of the session.

Thank you to everyone who completed the TWU/JetBlue IFC Negotiations Comprehensive Survey. The response to the survey was phenomenal, and your TWU/JetBlue IFC Negotiating Team (NT) carefully considered your responses. We met virtually this week to thoroughly review the survey and weigh the results as we prepare to resume negotiations with JetBlue Management.

We have received some inquiries from IFCs asking us to release details about the survey. Your NT is actively using the results of the survey to determine our priorities in our return to the table. Since those results are the equivalent of our playbook to win a contract for our IFCs, we will not release any details about the survey that could negatively impact our position in negotiations. We will use the data you provided to develop proposals and fine tune our arguments as we negotiate our first contract. Read more

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Negotiating Survey on the rejected Tentative Agreement. As promised, your TWU/JetBlue IFC Negotiating Team (NT) has hit the new year running with a thorough review and analysis of the survey responses. We are in the process of creating a comprehensive, issue-focused survey to gather your feedback and allow the NT to determine your priorities for when we resume negotiations with JetBlue Management. The survey will be emailed to this address in a few days, so please ensure that you have added to your whitelist. Read more

Earlier today, TWU International Administrative Vice President and Air Division Director, Mike Mayes, announced that the TWU/JetBlue Tentative Agreement (TA) was not ratified. We have attached the numbers and percentages from BallotPoint, the secure election company who conducted the ratification vote. Read more

Unfortunately we must inform you that the Tentative Agreement between Transport Workers Union of America (TWU) and JetBlue Airways did not ratify. Although, this was not the result your Negotiating Team was looking for, the In-Flight Crewmembers have spoken and we will return to negotiating with JetBlue management. Read more

Dear Sisters & Brothers:

Tomorrow at 12:00 pm EST we have a chance to shock the labor world by ratifying a contract in a time no one could have ever expected. As we look around the airline and the travel industry, our world remains upside down and in great turmoil. Even with the news of a vaccine on the horizon, it is clear that it will be years before the industry fully recovers from the massive debt it has taken on. While the decision is yours, the time is now to think how a contract in place will stop the company if the recovery takes even longer than the next few years most airline economists are predicting. Read more

We just finished our final TWU/JetBlue IFC TA Tele-Town hall. Thank you so much for all the insightful questions. We hope we were able to provide the answers you needed. If you have additional questions, please reach out to us, so you can make an informed vote.

One question we’ve received on multiple platforms concerns the 5-year duration of the Tentative Agreement (TA) with the 6-month early opener. Five years is the industry standard for Flight Attendant agreements at this time. The last agreements for United, American, Southwest, Allegiant, and Spirit have all been for five years. The only notable exception to that rule is Alaska, who negotiated a 3-year Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) when they purchased Virgin America. Read more