From JetBlue InFlight Crewmembers (IFC) have been negotiating their first-ever Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) since August – and the negotiating team said things at the bargaining table have been mostly blue skies. The TWU International Communications Department caught up with members of the JetBlue IFC negotiation team during a session in late January in […]

from FORBES Transport Workers Union President John Samuelsen says he welcomes JetBlue’s flight attendants to the union, he is eager to negotiate a contract for them and he looks forward to organizing the carrier’s mechanics and passenger service agents. On Tuesday, TWU won an National Mediation Board election to become the representative of the carrier’s […]

from CNBC JetBlue’s roughly 5,000 flight attendants have voted to unionize, the New York-based airline said on Tuesday. “While we respect the outcome of the election, we are disappointed in this result because we believe the direct relationship is superior to third-party representation,” JetBlue said in a statement. The airline’s pilots have already unionized and […]