TWU/JetBlue IFC COVID-19 Survey

The Transport Workers Union of America has been committed to providing our JetBlue IFCs with as much information regarding COVID-19 as possible. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to understand the complete impact on our membership when JetBlue management provides us with incomplete data (or no data at all). In order to be more proactive, we are asking you to complete the following survey in order to gather as much data as possible about how COVID-19 has impacted our membership. This is not an anonymous survey; however, no identifying information will be released. We understand why people might be reticent to included personal health information in your communications with us, but we wouldn’t ask for it if we didn’t think it could benefit you and your workgroup.

Please complete the survey to the best of your ability. All questions require an answer, but we have included options under the health questions that allow you to decline to answer.

If any of your answers change, please complete the survey again. Once the survey closes, your most recent submission will be the one included.

This survey does not have a closing date yet.

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    Since March 1, 2020 have you undergone any form of medical assessment prior to starting your work shift or duty period (i.e. temperature check, health survey, quick test, etc.)?

    Are you aware if you have been exposed to a passenger with COVID-19?

    Are you aware if you have been exposed to another IFC with COVID-19?

    Are you aware if you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 on an overnight?

    Have you experienced COVID-19 symptoms?

    Have you been diagnosed by a healthcare professional as having COVID-19?

    Have you been hospitalized due to COVID-19?

    Have you flown since April 1?

    If you have flown since April 1, have any of the following Personal Protective Equipment and/or cleaning supplies been UNAVAILABLE prior to your pairing? (check all that apply)
    GlovesFace masksSani-comsSoapDisinfecting wipesNo. I've had access to everything I've needed.I don't know.

    Has any PPE been made made available to the pilots that was not available to you?

    What equipment did they have that you did not? (check all that apply)
    GlovesFace masksSani-comsSoapDisinfecting wipesI don't know.

    Has Airport Operations been following JetBlue social distancing guidelines when seating passengers (Keeping rows near the jumpseat empty, maintaining adequate passenger spacing, etc.)?

    Do you feel like the FAA has done enough to protect you from exposure to COVID-19?

    Do you feel like JetBlue management has done enough to protect you from exposure to COVID-19?

    Do you feel like TWU has done enough to keep you informed about COVID-19?

    If you would like to provide details about your answers above, please use this field. If you have more information than will fit on this form, email us at
    Available characters: 500