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Duration of the Contract & Voting Begins

We just finished our final TWU/JetBlue IFC TA Tele-Town hall. Thank you so much for all the insightful questions. We hope we were able to provide the answers you needed. If you have additional questions, please reach out to us, so you can make an informed vote.

One question we’ve received on multiple platforms concerns the 5-year duration of the Tentative Agreement (TA) with the 6-month early opener. Five years is the industry standard for Flight Attendant agreements at this time. The last agreements for United, American, Southwest, Allegiant, and Spirit have all been for five years. The only notable exception to that rule is Alaska, who negotiated a 3-year Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) when they purchased Virgin America.

As is usually the case, the Union was originally aiming for a shorter (2-year) duration and the Company wanted a longer (7-year) duration. The final agreement is in the middle at 5 years with a 6-month early opener. It also includes locked in guarantees of raises, PTO improvement, grievance procedures, and protections in the case of furlough/recall, merger, or bankruptcy—which cannot be taken away or changed until a new contract is negotiated. Based on current predictions of the industry hopefully beginning to recover in two-eight years, our hope is that JetBlue will be back on the road to profitability by the time that we go back to the table. In the meantime, we will be protected by this contract.

Please remember that voter registration ends today at 6:00 p.m., EST, and voting begins tomorrow at 12:00 Noon, EST. If you are receiving this email, you are registered to vote and will receive your voting instructions tomorrow morning right before voting begins. If you know anyone who is not receiving TWU emails, please encourage them to sign up to vote now. Registrations after 6:00 p.m., EST will not be accepted.
Remember, the only way to protect ourselves in these uncertain times is with a legally binding contract. Vote “YES” to secure your future.