Today, May 31, marks International Flight Attendant Day. International Flight Attendant Day was created to celebrate the contributions of our cabin crew throughout the industry, and those contributions have been even more important than ever during this pandemic.

Your commitment to compassion, courtesy, safety, and professionalism has made this past year bearable in the face of numerous challenges. While many of you took voluntary leaves to help your company, others faced constant schedule changes and reduced flying that created financial and personal hardship. As essential workers, you faced the risks and met the challenges that have led to the current recovery for your company and our industry.

Flying has increased dramatically, and, while most passengers are happy to be returning to travel, some passengers are displaying various levels of reduced compliance and even violence that can make your jobs unusually difficult. Please continue to deliver your exceptional level of service, apply the rules consistently, and let us know if you feel the company is not supporting you. Together, we will continue the fight for a safe workplace and a fair contract that honors your contribution to the recovery of your company.

On International Flight Attendant Day, your Union salutes you and the work you do every day.

Thank you so much, and fly safely.