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Happy Labor Day to our JetBlue IFCs

This year, our national workforce has been tasked like we haven’t before. You are now working on the front lines during a major pandemic. While worried about your own safety and the safety of your families, you are also responsible for working with a general public who takes varying degrees of responsibility for the safety of those around them. You are enforcing new company policies, while maintaining the rigorous safety standards and top-notch customer service you’re known for.

This Labor Day, the Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO (TWU) wants to thank you for your trust as we navigate the challenging waters COVID-19 has presented to all of us. Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894 to honor the contributions and significant sacrifice of the labor movement in the 19th century. Prior to the accomplishments of organized labor, people worked long hours, while fair work practices and safety standards weren’t considered by their employers. The positive changes in work hours and conditions only came to fruition once workers banded together and demanded them. Labor Day honors the sacrifices and struggles of those earliest activists and honors the contributions we continue to make in the present day.

This pandemic has presented challenges to JetBlue IFCs that can only be addressed with a ratified contract. The TWU is working to prevent arbitrary work rule changes and secure consistent safety measures designed to adequately protect you, your family, and your friends. Labor Day is the perfect day to reflect on the actions we will need to take as a workgroup in order to effect those changes. Please consider joining the Contract Action Team to help us secure important workplace protections for JetBlue IFCs.

Take care of yourselves (and each other), and we will be in touch with you soon to expand on our mobilization plans.

We will get through this together!