COVID-19 Flyers

Since last March, our industry has been challenged by the largest obstacle we’ve ever faced as Crewmembers—the COVID-19 pandemic. Your TWU/JetBlue IFC Health, Safety, and Security Committee, along with others from within the Transport Workers Union (TWU), has been working diligently to ensure our safety as IFCs since the very beginning of the pandemic. Our urgent letters to Joanna Geraghty and TWU International President John Samuelsen’s letter to the FAA and OSHA addressed many issues, which later became implemented, and some (including the suspension of the Blue Turn) which were denied. Our committee continues to monitor the daily reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and we field questions from our IFCs regarding testing, quarantine, displacement per management issues, and our Memorandum of Understanding—an agreement we made regarding COVID-19—which spells out the JetBlue direction we take when exposed or ill. Read more

The countdown to our 2020 elections has begun. Each year, there are millions of eligible voters who cannot cast a ballot because they aren’t registered to vote or there are issues with their registration status.

Since today is National Voter Registration Day, please take a moment to register to vote. If you are registered, take a moment to check your registration status to ensure that your address and name are current with your local board of elections.

This year, voting holds more more challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so, if you can, make sure you sign up for mail-in-voting or register for an absentee ballot. If your state allows early voting, take advantage of that option to avoid excessive lines and crowds on election day. Read more

For the last several months, IFCs who opted for voluntary leaves have continued to notify the Transport Workers Union (TWU) that JetBlue has reported net wages, instead of gross wages, for calculating unemployment benefits. This has resulted in a drastic reduction in the owed, unemployment benefits they have received.

The TWU notified JetBlue management of this issue on multiple occasions, beginning in April 2020. On July 20, JetBlue leadership finally confirmed they were under-reporting wages and informed us they were working with their third-party vendor to correct the problem. We requested additional updates on this issue and were told on July 31 that their business partner was continuing to work on a resolution. JetBlue assured us that any necessary adjustments would automatically be paid to IFCs. Read more