Hotel Committee Update—05-05-2021

As the only Union committee with a legal MOU between your Union and the company, we feel an even greater sense of responsibility to advocate for each and every one of you. Our committee is working each day on ways to improve communication, feedback, and sourcing of safe and comfortable layover hotels.

We recently held our bi-annual meeting with the ALPA Hotel Committee; our business partner, API; and JetBlue Leadership. There were many topics discussed including the recent IROP, London, and improvement in sourcing and communication. During the meeting with JetBlue management, our committee once again asked for at-will access to the MyCrewHotel database and was once again denied. Stay tuned for a video from our Committee Chair covering those topics and more.

Recently, our committee listened to our fellow crewmembers’ concerns, and we were able to move from the previous Austin property to a new, improved, and safer hotel in Austin. When we are aware of deficiencies in properties and/or transportation, we passionately work to improve the situation. Our committee is aware of transportation problems currently in several locations, notably the PHL Aloft. We will be advocating for our crews to have timely and safe transportation in all locations, including Philadelphia.

As always, we stress using MyCrewHotel on your company iPad. API has advised us they are working on making the app more user friendly with fewer steps required. If you have input on the process, please let your Hotel Committee know. We also encourage you to reach out to the committee directly if you have submitted a CrewCare and had an inadequate or insufficient response. We are always eager for your feedback.

Jose Colon, Chair
TWU/JetBlue IFC Hotel Committee