Today, the Transport Workers Union of America (TWU) was advised that the procedure to require a uniform in order to utilize Known Crew Member (KCM) checkpoints will not go into effect this Wednesday.

Please note: Effective tomorrow, Tuesday, August 27th, random selection at KCM will be increased. This means an increased number of Inflight Crewmembers (IFC) utilizing KCM will be selected for random screening through TSA Pre Check. If IFCs are selected, they will be directed to TSA Pre Check. If the IFC is in uniform, exemptions for gels, liquids, and aerosols apply. If not in uniform, TSA Pre Check screening requirements apply.

We encourage all IFCs to comply with procedures and instructions at KCM and all security checkpoints. Today, we received reports that Los Angeles (LAX) had implemented the uniform requirement early. If this type of situation occurs, please respectfully question any instructions at a security checkpoint that are not in-line with communicated procedures. If the TSA Officer does not change the instruction, comply with the instruction, and utilize the KCM Reporting Form, so we can address the issue directly with TSA.

The TWU will continue to work with the TSA, other unions, and our carriers to advocate for KCM usage without a uniform requirement. Please understand that this situation is still fluid in nature, and (while we seem to have been given a reprieve on having to wear uniforms in order to utilize KCM) the situation could change at anytime. We will communicate with you as new information becomes available to us.