In Honor of International Workers’ Memorial Day

Today, as we commemorate International Workers’ Memorial Day, it has never been more important to stand together and fight for a safer workplace for our JetBlue IFCs and for workers everywhere. As you continue to go to work every day, not only are you facing a personal health threat from COVID-19, but you are also witnessing a threat to the industry that supports you and your households.

You are essential workers who are reuniting families and transporting medical workers, volunteers, and supplies where they are needed most. When you perform that vital function, you deserve the safest workplace possible.

As we move ahead, we must pause to remember all of those workers we have lost throughout history. As we apply those lessons to the crisis we face today, know that the TWU is committed to returning to business; not just as usual; but better and more safe.

As members of the labor movement, we mourn for the dead, but, we fight for the living—today and every other day of the year.

Please fly safely and stay safe at home and at work. Together, we will make it through this.