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Labor Unions & Airlines Urge U.S. Attorney General to Take Action to Protect IFCs

Recently, the TWU has seen a dramatic increase in disruptive, and sometimes violent, behavior in the flying public. As flying levels return to normal, these incidents are impacting the daily lives of our members. In order to address these incidents, a coalition of labor unions (including the TWU) and the airlines industry trade organization, Airlines for America, have joined together to call on the United States Attorney General, Merrick Garland, to address this growing problem. On June 21, this coalition sent a letter to the Attorney General that states:

The undersigned organizations, representing aviation industry stakeholders including passenger carriers, pilots and flight attendants, write today to express our heightened concern regarding the substantial increase in and growing escalation of passengers’ unruly and disruptive behavior onboard aircraft, particularly toward crewmembers. These incidents pose a safety and security threat to our passengers and employees, and we respectfully request that the Department of Justice (the “Department”) commit to the full and public prosecution of onboard acts of violence.

Please visit the website to view the full text of this letter.

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The TWU is committed to making sure that our Members have a safe workplace. We are proud to work with other aviation unions and airlines to ensure that any passenger who commits acts of violence or hostility is held accountable to the full extent of the law.