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Letter from Mike Mayes to all JetBlue IFCs

Dear Sisters & Brothers:

Tomorrow at 12:00 pm EST we have a chance to shock the labor world by ratifying a contract in a time no one could have ever expected. As we look around the airline and the travel industry, our world remains upside down and in great turmoil. Even with the news of a vaccine on the horizon, it is clear that it will be years before the industry fully recovers from the massive debt it has taken on. While the decision is yours, the time is now to think how a contract in place will stop the company if the recovery takes even longer than the next few years most airline economists are predicting.

I want to thank the negotiating team for all of their dedication since we began the process in June 2018. We went from the best times in the airline industry, to the worst within just a few months. Your negotiating team has been instrumental in making sure your voices have been heard and the agreement you are voting on is the absolute best they could do, not only during the pandemic, but into the future with so much uncertainty going forward.

While not everything we all wanted was achieved in this first contract, and the industry dictated we move forward to lay the foundation for the future, without sacrificing any longer at the discretion of management. Again, we have all watched as thousands of jobs have been lost and concessions taken by non-union airlines. No matter how this vote goes, we will be in the fight together going forward, what we do know are the rules the other side must follow if we ratify—what we do not know is what exactly what they will do if we do not.

In solidarity,
Mike Mayes
TWU International Administrative Vice President
Air Division Director