Negotiations Updates and Current Concerns—06-29-2021

Your TWU/JetBlue IFC Negotiating Team (NT) met with JetBlue Management in New York last week for a two-day bargaining session. Both sides exchanged counterproposals on Scheduling and non-economic issues, and we reached one Tentative Agreement on Probation. As we continue bargaining the remaining open articles, it’s important to remember that those articles contain the issues most important to our IFCs, and we are working to address them.

We are aware that as we go to the bargaining table to fight for a fair contract, JetBlue Management continues to shift the burden and blame for their operational issues onto the IFCs. If you have been affected by the Newark Co-Base, extended duty days, daily reschedules, the OBL “bait and switch,” or phone calls from Crew Scheduling in the middle of the night on your day off, you are not alone—we hear you.

This is why having a union contract matters. JetBlue cannot simply change the rules in the middle of the contract. Even without a contract in place, the TWU’s direct intervention on our behalf is one of the main reasons JetBlue has started addressing our IFC’s issues at Newark.

If JetBlue Leadership can’t manage the daily domestic operation, how will their U.K. flights go? A large number of Reserves have quit JetBlue, creating an even greater strain on the operation. Most of the feedback we have received is that they left because they couldn’t handle the stress being placed upon them and their families. The only way for us to stop this mistreatment, protect ourselves, and thrive is through a just contract. The only way to reach that contract is to stand together.

Your NT will return to the bargaining table July 12–14 ,and we need you behind us. We appreciate all the support you give us, and we need to continue hearing from you. Your feedback is critical as we fight together for the contract we deserve.