Negotiations & Grievance MOU Update – 08-24-2019

Yesterday, your TWU / JetBlue IFC Negotiating Team (NT) completed a three-day negotiating session with JetBlue management in New York. We discussed and exchanged proposals on the following articles: Reserve Exchange of Trips While we did not reach any Tentative Agreements this week, we held productive discussions with management, and we look forward to continuing […]

TWU / JetBlue Negotiation Updates – 08-16-2019

Your TWU / JetBlue IFC Negotiating Team (NT) has just concluded a three-day negotiating session with JetBlue Management in New York. Since Marc Esposito, former JetBlue Vice President of Values Relations and lead negotiator for JetBlue Management, has resigned to take a position at Delta, the Company has brought in Jerry Glass, a third-party consultant […]

TWU Responds to Management’s Arbitrary ISM Changes

The TWU has received several emails regarding changes to the Inflight Scheduling Manual (ISM) that JetBlue management arbitrarily and arrogantly implemented on June 11. First, and most importantly, we want you to know that your union was not aware of these changes and did not agree to them. Management has stated that these changes are […]

TWU / JetBlue Negotiation Updates – 05-31-2019

Your TWU / JetBlue Negotiating Team (NT) has just concluded a three-day negotiating session with JetBlue Management. We are pleased to report that we reached one Tentative Agreement on Paid Time Off (PTO), except for economic issues which will be discussed as part of a comprehensive economic package. We also held discussions on the following […]

Congratulations, JetBlue IFCs

John Samuelsen International President of The Transport Workers Union of America One year ago today, you and your coworkers made history. You voted overwhelmingly to band together and unionize. You voted overwhelmingly to have a stronger voice in your workplace. You voted overwhelmingly to join the Transport Workers Union, so that you and your fellow […]

TWU Negotiations Update – 03-22-2019

This week, your TWU / JetBlue IFC Negotiating Team (NT) conducted a three-day bargaining session with Jetblue Management in New York. Your NT and Management were able to reach one Tentative Agreement (TA) on Training that covers all issues except expenses and compensation, which will be addressed in other articles. Your NT and Management also […]