In addition to the questions asked on the above recording, there were additional questions asked online we were not able to cover. Several of those of the questions were related to the Company’s Leave Programs and Furlough/Recall Seniority. The TWU did not negotiate the Leave Programs and had no input. Your Union has requested clarification on how they would implement furloughs if necessary, however they have not done that at this time.

Any recommendations or questions about specific items being negotiated cannot be answered at this time and will be addressed when we have deliver a full, Tentative Agreement to the JetBlue IFCs for their vote.

JetBlue accepted money from the CARES Act. Under this act, they cannot furlough any employees or cut wages through the end of September 30, 2020. The TWU is fighting hard to get a contract that would protect wages when the CARES Act wage protection expires.

We have reached Tentative Agreements on 26 articles. The TWU has placed a comprehensive economic proposal on the table, and we are waiting on a response from JetBlue Management.

This is a recommendation the Union has made to JetBlue. At this time they have not chosen to allow Crewflex IFCs to have healthcare.

With so many uncertain factors, this is not something the TWU can anticipate at this time.

With the current state of the economy and industry, it is not an ideal time to be negotiating a first contract; however, it is still important to get a contract in place to protect our IFCs.

At this time your Negotiating Team is focused on getting a full agreement that includes furlough protections.

Your NT is continuing direct negotiations through videoconference to try to reach an agreement. Under the Railway Labor Act, which is the law that governs airline employees, a work slowdown is prohibited and would never be supported by the TWU.

The FAA requires that recurrent training takes place annually. If the required standards are not met, the IFC is subject to additional training to regain currency. While airlines have sought waivers from the FAA to extend time frames for training, they there is no guarantee they will be granted.