REAL Contract Protections in Case of Furlough

Thank you to everyone who attended our first Contract Ratification Tele-Town Hall. We received a lot of great questions, and many of them have been posted on the TA Question & Answer page at b6.twu.org. Our next Tele-Town Hall will be tomorrow, November 7 at Noon, EST. The call details are as follows:

You will soon be voting on the Tentative Agreement (TA), so please call in to learn more about the TA and get answers to your questions. You can submit your questions in advance or ask them live on the call. Online question submission will close an hour prior to the call.

Setting the Record Straight on Furlough/Recall Protections

We have received many questions about Furlough and Recall Protections. With the current state of our industry and with thousands of airline employees already involuntarily furloughed—with possibly more to come—it is no wonder this is on people’s minds.

We have heard IFCs state that JetBlue has a “No Furlough” policy. This is not true. We are all thankful that JetBlue has never had to furlough anyone, but the truth is JetBlue has no written or binding policy that governs what happens to you if a furlough becomes necessary. Without a contract, they don’t need a furlough policy, so they don’t have one. They can terminate employees at any time, with no obligation to bring them back in any order—or to even bring them back at all. As at-will employees, without a contract, we have
no binding Furlough/Recall rights in place.

This TA changes that. Other airlines have furloughed flight attendants, so your Union has negotiated extensive Furlough/Recall rights to protect IFCs in case a furlough happens at JetBlue.

These rights include the following:

  • Requirement to meet with the union to explore voluntary furlough options
  • Furlough by Occupational Furlough only (not by Base or any other Qualification)
  • Two (2) weeks of furlough pay for the first completed year of service
  • One (1) additional week of furlough pay for each completed year thereafter up to 12 weeks
  • Medical, dental, vision, and life insurance for as long as she/he receives furlough pay
  • IFCs on a leave of absence receive the same benefits as other involuntarily furloughed IFCs
  • Pass privileges in accordance with Company Policy
  • Longevity and Seniority continue to accrue while furloughed
  • Access to Company email and BCSS
  • Payment of PTO/VPTO
  • Recall rights for five years, and you must be called back in Occupational Seniority Order
  • Ability to Bypass Recall until there is no one Junior below you
  • Protection for an IFC with a medical condition to be recalled to work on a medical leave
  • Moving expenses if an IFC is recalled to a Base other than the one they were furloughed from

Because of these negotiated rights that our TA guarantees, another benefit of the Furlough/Recall requirements is that it makes it more expensive for the Company to furlough. The TA incentivizes the Company to avoid a furlough, and provides as much protection as possible for IFCs if a furlough does occur.

In uncertain times, secure your future by Voting YES!