Thank you from TWU!

We just wanted to reach out to you to extend our sincerest thanks for your commitment to organizing the JetBlue Inflight Crewmembers. This could not have happened without a sustained effort on your part, and your determination was what drove this campaign to its incredibly successful conclusion.

JetBlue management worked hard to minimize your accomplishments in this campaign, and the entire activist team refused to “take the bait.” You engaged management professionally and communicated effectively with your co-workers. As your transition period progresses, those skills will continue to come into play. Continued communication from you to your co-workers will drive the contract campaign to another successful conclusion.

Thank you, once again, for everything you did to promote the Transport Workers Union to your friends and co-workers. It was our honor to work with such an incredibly dedicated group of activists, and we anxiously await your becoming full members with the TWU.

In unity,
Steve Roberts
Transport Workers Union
Organizing Director


Sean Doyle
Transport Workers Union
Assistant Director of Organizing