The TWU Addresses Arbitrary Policy Changes

On Friday, JetBlue leadership put out a memo stating that they were drastically changing their policy regarding passenger complaints: those complaints submitted to an Inflight Crewmember’s personal file would remain for twenty-four (24) months instead of twelve (12) months. The Transport Workers Union (TWU) International and your Negotiating Team, who had not been given any advanced notice of this dramatic change, received an influx of emails, texts, and social media posts from the Jetblue IFCs. To say the least, we were just as outraged as all of you.

We all worked hard behind the scenes to try to understand this change, especially since we are in the process of negotiating your first contract. We actively sought clarity from JetBlue Management. On Saturday, JetBlue leadership reversed their decision to change the policy and it will remain status quo.

Do you know what made this happen? All of you, standing as one; informing the TWU International and your Negotiating Team; and – of course – spreading the word on social media, were the reason for this reversal.

As we continue through the negotiations process, we cannot guarantee JetBlue leadership won’t change future policies, but this exactly why you voted for TWU representation; so you have a voice! When we stand shoulder to shoulder, we can overcome the greatest obstacles. The TWU is dedicated to defending your livelihoods and ensuring your safety.

Stay strong and don’t hesitate to contact the TWU International or your Negotiating Team with any concerns.