These Crewmembers Hope You Enjoy Your Stay

We told you who sits on the Interim Hotel Committee in the last issue of The B6 Flyer.

Now, we’d like to tell you a little bit about the committee members themselves: Michael P Annichiarico Jr., Pablo Montero, Amrafel Rodriguez, Jill Harris, and Jose Colon.

TWU IFC Coordinator Carmen Gonzalez-Gannon selected these five representatives from the pool of crewmembers that has gone through union advocacy training. Her evaluation criteria included the desire to serve, level of training, past experience and availability.

A quick turnaround was required. JetBlue management agreed in mid-February to include IFC representatives in the hotel selection and evaluation process while contract negotiations continue. Their role is advisory. The company insisted the participants be named by March 1.

The committee, which decided not to have a chairman or chairwoman, pledges to communicate your concerns and needs. The members can be reached on the Hotel Committee page.