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TWU COVID-19 Legislative Update—March 21, 2020

This weekend, the U.S. Congress is working in Washington, DC to pass emergency assistance for airlines, who are experiencing historic cancellation rates and nearly nonexistent future bookings as a result of COVID-19.

Earlier today, JetBlue sent a message to all IFCs and asked you to contact Congress to request immediate governmental assistance for our airlines. This assistance is vital to allow us to continue providing the invaluable services we offer and to save thousands of aviation jobs.

The TWU is in complete support of the Airlines for America (A4A) in this effort.

Please go to https://p2a.co/m6OZPQ8?p2asource=JetBlue immediately, and ask Congress to pass a bill that includes grants for payroll protection for airline employees.

Our IFCs are the face of JetBlue, and our passengers depend on us. We provide an invaluable contribution to the success of the Company, and the TWU is going to do everything it can to keep our airline flying. Thank you for your continued support of our efforts to address the immediate effects of this crisis and to restore our industry and economy as we move forward.