TWU COVID-19 Update—03-24-2020

First of all, as our nation and our industry combats the COVID-19 crisis, thank you for your support and commitment as essential, front-line employees. The TWU is working hard to ensure that our IFCs are given the safest possible workplace, and we also support efforts to provide for the financial stability and future of JetBlue.

We know that many of our IFCs fall under state or local “shelter in place,” “stay at home,” or other travel restrictions. It is important to understand that, as essential employees, transportation employees are exempt from these restrictions or requirements for work purposes, so please carry your airline IDs with you when traveling to and from work.

Through collaborative efforts with JetBlue Management, we have been able to guarantee the use of masks and gloves while working, social distancing on the aircraft, and an MOU to provide time off for IFCs who are exposed or test positive for COVID-19 without accruing dependability points.

We are also very aware that there are other very serious concerns facing our IFCs. We have addressed these with JetBlue Management and are awaiting answers. We are currently waiting for responses from Management regarding the following:

  • With most government offices closed, how do IFCs handle passport renewals?
  • Have any determinations been made about Recurrent Training or other required training?
  • With borders being closed, what accommodations will be made for international commuters?
  • Will the Company temporarily allow investigatory meetings to be done by telephone with Peer Observers present to uphold Social Distancing?
  • Is JetBlue in compliance with COVID-19 emergency paid leave requirements?
  • Will JetBlue reconsider temporarily suspending Blue Turning?
  • Will JetBlue reconsider temporarily allowing IFCs to drop to zero through the Trade Board?
  • Will JetBlue designate a lavatory for “Crew Use Only” on every flight?
  • With numerous cancellations, will JetBlue give consideration for commuters?
  • Will JetBlue limit the number of Airport Standbys to be consistent with Social Distancing?
  • Will JetBlue remove and discontinue issuing critical coverage dependability points during the global pandemic?

We have also been informed of deviations from current work rules and are requesting that JetBlue not only comply with current work rules, but also uphold the spirit and intent of the language. We know that this is the most challenging time that our industry has faced in decades, or possibly ever. We understand that Management has “all hands on deck,” and we understand and respect that. At the same time, we know that these concerns are important for our IFCs; and we want you to know that you have been heard, and we are doing everything we can to address them.

As soon as we have responses from JetBlue Management, we will communicate them to you. Please bookmark b6.twu.org—the front page of the TWU/JetBlue IFC Website is dedicated to providing COVID-19 information. Please continue to follow all recommended CDC protocols and any directives from your state or municipal government.

Thank you again, and we will make it through this together.