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TWU/JetBlue IFC Contract Ratification Schedule

Thank you for your patience while we complete the final preparations for the launch of our Tentative Agreement (TA) education and ratification efforts for our historic TWU/JetBlue IFC Collective Bargaining Agreement. We are working nonstop to educate our IFCs about this TA. A Contract is the only way to protect JetBlue IFCs during these uncertain times, and we are working nonstop to ensure you can cast an informed vote about this agreement. You deserve to know the facts about the TA, the state of our industry, and the importance of making a responsible vote.

We will release the contract the afternoon of Monday, November 2. We have attached a calendar of educational events that start after the launch of the contract and last until voting closes.

If you received this via email, you will receive all TWU information, and you are registered to vote. Please remind all other IFCs to register at b6.twu.org by close of registration on November 16 at 6:00 PM, EST. No additional registrations will be accepted after the deadline.