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TWU/JetBlue IFC COVID-19 Update & Negotiations Update—04-24-2020

The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our IFCs have demonstrated that it is more important than ever that we reach a fair contract with JetBlue. Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions and stay at home directives, your TWU/JetBlue IFC Negotiating Team (NT) held last week’s negotiating session with JetBlue Management remotely via videoconference. We reached one Tentative Agreement on Expenses. We exchanged and discussed proposals on the following articles:

  • Scheduling
  • Rescheduling
  • Bidding
  • General and Miscellaneous
  • Qualified Roles
  • Scope

While we did not reach final agreements on these articles, we held productive discussions and made progress on them. Your NT has requested additional meetings with Management, prior to the next scheduled session on May 26–29, and we will hold a teleconference to discuss proposals on April 28.

The TWU has continued to address issues with scheduling and RSL. IFCs have informed the TWU that Crew Services has not been releasing Mint RSLs, in spite of more than adequate staffing, since they are not considering cancellations when adjusting Mint reserve coverage. We have alerted Management to this problem and are awaiting their response. Please continue to let us know if you encounter any violations of the ISM or other policies.

The TWU has requested information from JetBlue regarding the number of IFCs who have been exposed or tested positive for COVID-19. JetBlue has stated that they are not sharing that information, so, in an effort to determine if our efforts help keep IFCs safe, the TWU has developed an informal survey to try and determine how many IFCs have been personally impacted by this virus. We are also attempting to evaluate the implementation of some of the changes we have fought for. We encourage all IFCS to complete this survey, whether you have been exposed or not, so please share the link with your co-workers to increase our sample size. All information submitted will be kept confidential.

Thank you for your continued support. Take care of yourselves and fly safely. Together, we will beat this.