TWU / JetBlue IFC Peer Observer Program Has Launched

We are pleased to announce that the TWU / JetBlue IFC Peer Observer Program, which was negotiated by your Union and JetBlue Management, became operational on October 1. The TWU / JetBlue IFC Peer Observer Program allows a TWU-trained Peer Observer to accompany an IFC to investigatory meetings that could lead to potential discipline or discharge.

Under the terms of the Peer Observer Program Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), if you are called in for an investigatory meeting, Management will notify you by email at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. The email will also inform you that you are entitled to request a Peer Observer to accompany you. As soon as you have been notified of a meeting, you will need to immediately notify the TWU that you need to schedule a TWU Peer Observer. The TWU will then attempt to schedule a TWU Peer Observer to attend your meeting in person with you. It is very important that you submit your request as soon as possible, to allow as much time as possible to schedule a Peer Observer.

Under the MOU, Peer Observers will participate as silent observers and take notes. Peer Observers have also been trained to help you prepare for the meeting, so that you will have the best opportunity for a successful resolution.

To find out more about the IFC Peer Observer program, we have provided FAQs at twu.b6.org.

Currently we have trained approximately 100 TWU IFC Peer Observers, but will be holding additional trainings as needed. If you would like to be trained as a TWU IFC Peer Observer, please fill out the application and additional meeting dates will be scheduled.