TWU / JetBlue Negotiation Updates – 05-31-2019

Your TWU / JetBlue Negotiating Team (NT) has just concluded a three-day negotiating session with JetBlue Management. We are pleased to report that we reached one Tentative Agreement on Paid Time Off (PTO), except for economic issues which will be discussed as part of a comprehensive economic package. We also held discussions on the following additional articles:

  • Expenses
  • Reserve
  • Rescheduling

While no full agreements were reached on these items, we did make some progress on these articles. Your NT cannot discuss specifics of tentative agreements, because they are not final until a full agreement has been reached and submitted to the IFCs for a vote. The next negotiating session is scheduled for June 18–20 in San Francisco.

On Wednesday, May 29, the TWU sent letters to the House and Senate encouraging our federal elected officials to cosponsor the Cabin Air Safety Act of 2019. This legislation would directly address fume events and toxic air onboard our aircraft. This is an incredibly important issue to the TWU and our Members.

Finally, your NT would like to wish all JetBlue IFCs a Happy International Flight Attendants Day. We are honored to be representing you at the negotiating table today and every day, and we are committed to reaching an agreement that honors the great work you do as safety, security and service professionals.