Welcome to The Line

Two new classes of Inflight Crewmembers have graduated. Wish them well as they start their careers, and give them a helping hand as they rack up the miles.

Transport Workers Union locals have provisions in their contracts, negotiated with their various employers, that enable union representatives to conduct orientation sessions with new hires on company time. In such sessions, union representatives explain contract benefits such as healthcare, retirement plans, and vacation time; how the union can assist and help defend workers facing unwarranted or unfair discipline; and how to keep informed on union matters by signing up for periodic emails and newsletters.

Our developing TWU local does not yet have that contractual right so spread the word: The official communications outlet of the TWU at JetBlue, including your elected Negotiating Team, is the b6.twu.org website and The B6 Flyer newsletter. There is no official Facebook page and information you receive may not be accurate. If you have questions or need assistance, contact one of the committees at or send a question or comment on the “Contact Us” page.